It is essential that you bring a responsible adult with you who can drive you home.  We ask that this person be present in the office prior to surgery, and remain until the patient is dismissed from the office.

If the surgery is in the morning, you should have nothing by mouth after midnight the night before surgery.  If the surgery is to be in the afternoon, you may have liquids for breakfast and then nothing my mouth until after the surgery.  YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO EAT OR DRINK FOR AT LEAST SIX HOURS PRIOR TO SURGERY.  If Dr. Hildebrand has given you medication to take one or two hours before surgery, it should be taken with only a sip of water.

If the patient is a child or legally a minor, it is essential for at least one parent or legal guardian to be with the patient.

You should wear loose fitting clothing, preferably with short sleeves.   Do not wear a tight collar or necktie.  No jewelry should be worn during surgery.

The profound effects of the sedation will wear off 30 to 45 minutes following surgery, after which you will be discharged from the office.  However, because of the residual effects of the medication, you should plan to go home and remain in bed for the remainder of the day.